About Us

Ristech offers the best book cleaning equipment, book scanners, and many other library solutions, such as self-service lending machines and check-out systems. We take pride in helping your library succeed by offering tools to improve efficiencies and ease the strain on your library staff, as well as improve patrons' experiences.

Extensive Selection & Highest Quality of Equipment

We only partner with manufacturers who produce the highest quality of library solutions’ equipment. You can rest assured that when you partner with us, you’ll have book cleaning equipment, book scanners, and more that will last.

Comprehensive Service & Support

When you partner with Ristech, you can rest assured that if your library equipment shows signs of wear, our team is there to help. We offer comprehensive support services that include support over the phone, online, and on-site — all when you need us.

Solution-Oriented for Your Library's Needs

Our team works closely with our partner libraries to devise solutions that will solve their problems. In addition, we offer a customer satisfaction policy on all of our products, so you can rest assured that if a product does not work for you, we can help replace it for you.

Training for Library Staff

Another reason that Ristech is the leading provider of automated digital media solutions for libraries is that we offer training for your staff. We’ll teach you how the equipment functions, how to troubleshoot common problems and repair them, and how to maintain your products.

Ristech is a leader in automated digital media for libraries. Let us help bring your library into the digital age, easing your staff's workload and improving customer experience. Call to learn more about our library management systems today!