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RnRHOFThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Technology by Ristech selected by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Adam Matthew Digital to capture rare books and documents.

Ristech has just completed a book and rare document digitization project at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. In partnership with the Rock Hall, and Adam Matthew Digital, Ristech provided in-house technology and labor to scan a collection of Rock History.

Ristech has a unique capability of setting up book scanners for fragile collections on-site. We provide the technology and the personnel to capture and store these collections. The materials can now be accessed remotely to be enjoyed by fans and enthusiasts everywhere. The Rock Hall also has the added benefit of a digital archive to preserve the memories indefinitely.

High resolution overhead book scanners were used to capture the material without touching or harming the collection. The book scanner uses a 40 Mp sensor technology used by Library Cameras.

Ristech is a provider of production and patron use book scanner and microfilm scanner technology. Our clients include many major academic libraries, public libraries and archives including; the Library of Congress, Harvard University, the Toronto Public Library, University of Notre Dame, McGill University and Library and Archives Canada.

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