Book2Net Public-V Book ScannerRistech is both pleased and honored to announce the addition of three 'new generation' Book2Net Public-V book scanners at the prestigious Library of Congress in Washington DC.

The Public-V scanners will offer thousands of library patrons the ability to swiftly produce high-definition digital reproductions of a wide array of original bound and unbound material found in the reading rooms throughout LOC.

The three Public-V installations join previous generations of Book2Net digitization systems already installed at the Library to better help patrons access LOC’s vast content.

Besides being able to provide color accurate, 300-600 optical DPI digital files in a variety of archival and fully searchable formats, the Public-V offers users the ability to utilize its easily adjustable V-shape cradle for digitizing rarer and fragile documents while minimizing curvature and distortion that appears as a result of imaging bound material. The book2net Public-V provides automated edge detection, cropping, deskew, and book-fold optimization to ensure superior quality, ready-to-use output images.

The Science and Technology Reading Room of the Adams Library is surrounded by over 10,000 volumes of indexes, abstracts, journals and other reference materials The Public-V offers a versatile resource for the hundreds of dedicated researchers who visit the facility daily.

One of the Public-V’s located in the modern Music Performing Arts Reading Room of the Madison Library creates true-to-life digital copies of intricate, musical manuscripts and original scores of famous works by nearly all major composers from the 18th century to present. The increased accessibility is a welcome tune for any music aficionado’s ears.

Also located in the Madison Library, the Newspaper and Periodicals Reading Room is the perfect environment to showcase the superior optical resolution of book2net’s, Public-V's digital output. Holding thousands of examples of current and retrospective newspapers, serials and other publications, the room offers a treasure trove of text for hungry knowledge seekers. Now armed with the book2net Public-V's ability to provide high accuracy searchability in mere seconds, their quest for comprehensive information will be made both quicker and more efficient.

Both the Library of Congress and Ristech continue their bold mission to facilitate access to past and present bound and unbound content by offering state-of-the-art digitization technology and software applications to the public at large. Book2Net’s Public-V is yet another extraordinary landmark in the ongoing pursuit of high quality digital preservation.