The traditional concept of ‘evolution’ is usually that of a plodding process involving many, many years of slow gradual change and adaptation to a slowly transforming environment. In the mercurial abodes of today’s technological world however, the past is simply a brief prologue to the remarkable and rapid advancements of the present. Ristech Company immediately…

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Confident Digital Conversion – Microfiche

While fiche is a great medium for long term storage of documents and files, retrieving the contained information can be challenging. Beyond the difficult nature of the medium, the three biggest challenges microfiche presents include the condition of the microfiche, how the documents were filmed onto the microfiche, and how the files should be sorted.…

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SupraScan Quartz A0

McGill University: Remarkable Reproduction of a Renaissance Relic

Utilizing i2s’ SupraScan Quartz A0 and its considerable digitization know-how, the Digital Initiatives Lab of McGill University’s McLennan Library have successfully reproduced a true-to-life facsimile of a 15th century antiphonal from the early Italian Renaissance, bringing the unique treasure nearly 600 years into the future to be marveled at and perused by eager, 21st century eyes. Ristech…

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ComputeIT™ modular locker system!

Take charge of your laptop and tablet loan program with ComputeIT™ modular locker system! Ristech now offers a sturdy, secure and reliable solution for storing, charging and dispensing laptops, tablets and other similar devices for temporary loan from your institution or library. The ComputeIT™ modular locker system is designed for efficient handling and vending of…

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Book2Net Public-V Book Scanner

Library of Congress Chooses Public V Book Scanner from Ristech

Ristech is both pleased and honored to announce the addition of three ‘new generation’ Book2Net Public-V book scanners at the prestigious Library of Congress in Washington DC. The Public-V scanners will offer thousands of library patrons the ability to swiftly produce high-definition digital reproductions of a wide array of original bound and unbound material found…

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nextScan's FlexView Microfilm Scanner

DOCUdavit & Flexview Microfilm Scanner Success!

DOCUdavit is a service bureau providing scanning services to government and corporate clients. In order to assist in the digitization of microfilm media we purchased Flexview microfilm scanner a few months ago and are extremely happy with the performance of the equipment. Most important is the excellent support provided by both Ristech and Nextscan. Their…

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