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K71 71MP CMOSsmRistech enjoyed being at the ARLIS 2016 conference in Seattle, Washington this year to renew prior acquaintances and make new connections with the members of VRA.  The introduction of the NEW K71 digital sensor camera and multiple copy-stand(s) was well received and provides you with new technology for excellent digitization of your special collections of documents and rare books.

Mount Pleasant Group LogosmMount Pleasent Group of Cemetaries seleced Ristech and Kirtas to digitize their internment and other record books for the Toronto Necropolis, dating back as far as 1836.

shearwater logoShearwater Aviation Museum Selects Book2Net

The Shearwater Aviation Museum has flown into the next millenium by selecting the Book2Net Kiosk from Ristech to help preserve their library of historical documents and books.

This purchase brings the ability of the museum to produce media for the public and other interested parties without having to open or handle fragile and historical documents.  With a "Zero-waste" initiative like this, the returns to community will be impactful and benefit future generations.

VSII Black 600ST Imaging Viewscan Quick Start Laminate

Ristech would like to present the ST Viewscan "Quick Start" laminate for your Viewscan III.  This laminate provides simple instructions to your patrons on how to use this very user-friendly scanner.  We hope this will free up your staff resources and provide the ability for your patrons to self-serve.

documents to pdfaWhat Is PDF/A Anyways?

So you’ve probably heard the term PDF/A tossed around when discussing digitization output. In fact, you may have seen it mentioned right here on our website. But what is PDF/A? Should you use it in your projects or recommend it to your customers?

Well, here is a crash course in PDF/A. Think of this as PDF/A 101. All the basics to get you started and maybe even inspire you to dig a bit deeper.

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