With the rise of digital media, many people believe that older formats like microfiche, newspaper archives, and large volumes of books are becoming obsolete. But at Ristech, we believe that it’s now more important than ever to protect and preserve traditional media for the future while marrying them with modern technology.

As a leading global distributor of automated digital media, Ristech creates an evolutionary roadmap for libraries, municipalities, educational institutions, and corporations to capture and protect their archives. 

Our clients provide valuable information services to the community and internal populations, and we’re pioneering the best technologies to preserve the integrity of your resources. We deliver innovative technology for the modern media user, from self-service library kiosks to print-to-digital book scanners, and the expertise and knowledge to support these solutions.

Why Work with Ristech?

We’re not just a solutions provider – we’re a trusted partner before, during, and after the sale. Ristech is a full-service distributor with in-depth technical knowledge to implement and execute your technology strategy.

 We’ve developed long-standing professional relationships with our product manufacturers to gain access to up-to-date solutions that will meet your budget without sacrificing quality. We provide support over the phone, online, and on-site – all a moment’s notice so that you can keep going with business as usual.

Let’s connect today and discover how you can evolve, connect, and engage your audience with Ristech!