KAS 3.0 Hybrid Workstation:

A hybrid scan workstation for Archives and Libraries.

Now you can move between an archive scanner or book scanner and a ​​draw-in scanner without worrying about disrupting the file order.

The KAS 3.0 hybrid workstation uses multidotscan software. With this software, you receive all scans from both devices in the correct order and export, rename and divide them into registers or sections together.

This technology allows you to work flexibly at one workstation, significantly increase productivity by digitizing simpler material faster while reducing the cost of labour. An all-in-one solution that makes sense.

Your advantages with the hybrid scanning workstation:

  • A scanning station consisting of two scanners
  • Receive all scans from both scanners in the correct order within one software
  • Export all scans together, rename them and divide them into tabs or sections
  • Set up the workplace flexibly for all possible formats up to DIN A1 / A0
  • Saving potential when purchasing, because only one scanning software is required for two scanners

SensiSpeed ​​​​draw-in scanner

The SensiSpeed ​​draw-in scanner is a feeder scanner that can scan fragile documents quickly and reliably. Enjoy increased productivity as well as identical results as three or four individual book scanners in a quarter of the time.

Thanks to the innovative tape transport system, even fragile torn files are gently guided through the scanner and scanned. Should the material require very careful handling, simply reduce the speed of the scanner up to 20 sheets per minute if necessary. Alternatively, you can manually feed the paper by hand without the automatic feed. You have the flexibility to choose what your project needs.

SensiSpeed ​​scanners offer an image quality that is designed for the scanning of valuable cultural assets. With up to 600 optical dpi, even the smallest detail is made legible. With an optimal calibration of the scanner you will achieve high colour accuracy and scan in compliance with ISO level B.

The SensiSpeed works quietly, quickly, reliably and, thanks to its size, are ideal for use in libraries or archives, as only a small footprint is required. In addition, the feeder scanners are characterized by their intuitive operation. Even scan employees without much previous experience can work successfully on it.

Sensispeed scanner

Hybrid scan workstation for Archives

For Archives, the KAS 3.0 Hybrid Workstation can be combined with an archive scanner and the SensiSpeed ​​draw-in scanner. Newer files that are in good condition and can be scanned using a faster collection process like the SensiSpeed ​​draw-in scanners. The SensiSpeed has been developed specifically for this application. These can be ICC profiled and their speed can be adapted to any document. Even the third copy with thin paper that is already torn can be scanned without any problems. The modern and gentle tape transport, which is only found on the SensiSpeed ensures a safe scanning process.

However, pages from the same file that are very fragile and eyelet, bound, or very thick might need a delicate touch. These pages can be scanned with the Archive Scanner in the supervisory process. The Archive Scanner is perfect for scanning fragile and bound materials quickly and with high quality. All materials are digitized completely contactless and with a scan time of 1-2 seconds.

Hybrid scanning workstation in the library

The combination of a book scanner and a feed scanner is ideal for digitizing in the library or in a digitizing workshop. Some books, magazines, or newspapers that are not valuable individual editions can be cut up so that they can be scanned more quickly in individual sheets. With our feeder scanners from the SensiSpeed ​​series, even thin or torn paper can be scanned without problems. The scanners can be ICC profiled and their speed can be adjusted. Historically valuable individual issues are digitized with a book scanner. The CopiBook book scanner from i2s is an ideal choice for a classic book scanner but we would be happy to help you find the solution that suits your unique needs. This is operated by touchscreen via multidotscan software and offers you a very simple interface for all current and future scan projects. The scans meet the highest quality requirements according to FADGI, metamorfoze and ISO.