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The Kirtas Archive Scanner 3.0 is flexible and fast

Traditional scanners – used for books and general paperwork – do not stand up to frequent use and large volume projects. The Kirtas Archive Scanner 3.0 (KAS), is the perfect solution for institutions that want to digitize large volumes and variety of materials. The KAS 3.0 scans everything from individual files, large documents, newspapers, photos, maps, and posters to coins and other flat object. What’s more, it can scan glass plate negatives, slides, film strips, or even watermarks. Its userfriendly and anti-glare touchscreen technology helps the user to quickly select the best application for their needs and get to work scanning. This streamlined process requires no readjustments or repositioning of your document and stores your scanned item intact – a perfect replication.

The advantages of the Kirtas Archive Scaner 3.0

Depending on the user’s needs, the scanner employs an industrial-quality camera, or a single digital lens reflex camera (Canon or Nikon). You also have the option to exchange or upgrade the camera, lens, or the PC over time to ensure the scanner contains the latest technology, staging the time of your investment. Its modular design can be configured for your individual needs and preferences. Any adjustments or modifications required for new tasks can be done simply and cost-effectively. The LED light table and highquality macro lens supports the digitization of transparent documents (like slides and film strips), boasting an impressive resolution of up to 600 dpi. By adjusting the camera height, finely detailed objects can be digitalized to as high a resolution as standard text. The KAS 3.0‘s camera head can be positioned close to the object or positioned to the side, reducing light intensity. This is ideal for objects like coins and medals, which require high resolution and for their details to be accentuated and amplified. To reduce shadows or highlight watermarks, objects can be placed on the LED light table. Because the dpi measurement is linked to Multidotscan (book scanning software), the user not only gains support in assessing camera height but also gets a reproducible resolution for recurring templates.

Kirtas Archive Scaner 3.0 Specifications

Max. document size (in cm) 45 × 43 to 100 × 80
Optical resolution (dpi) 300 to 6.000
Scan mode 24 bit
Head height adjustment Manual or motorized

Basic configuration

→ live preview
→ automatic format detection
→ image processing
→ camera height adjustment
→ LED lighting
→ Touchscreen
→ antiskid foam pad
→ color checker

Accessories (optional)

→ additional large sized monitor
→ high-performance workstation
→ bookholder with foam elements for height compensation
and glass plate
→ LED light table
→ plastic fingers
→ barcode recognition