Book2net Hornet A0 Book Scanner

The Book2net Hornet is a semi-automatic A0 book scanner designed for continuous use in the mass digitization of large-format, unwieldy or particularly heavy templates such as magazine volumes and at the same time guarantees maximum gentle handling.

It is a high-performance machine with PLC-controlled precision drive that ensures an extremely gentle digitization and meets the ergonomic requirements in combination with a high productivity.

Modular lighting units, variable book cradles and programmable control modules make the book2net Hornet uniquely flexible scanning system that can be precisely adjusted to the specific requirements of your digitization project!



  • Selectable variants. 300dpi / 400dpi
  • 0.3 sec scan time (A0 Color @ 300 dpi)
  • 3.5 sec process time (scan + transfer + save)
  • Height compensation up to 25 cm (40 cm optional)
  • Spine clearance up to 25 cm
  • Double profile lifting columns for precise height adjustment
  • Load capacity up to 180 kg per column
  • USB 3.0 interfaces

book2net HD camera

The X71 camera with CMOS sensor technology is the heart of all our scanning systems. It sets new standards in the field of modern digital cameras and delivers high-resolution images for a wide variety of original sizes and structures with first-class image quality and at incredible speed. Even under the challenging conditions of mass digitization, a constant quality of the scan results is guaranteed.

LED lighting unit with Fresnel lens system

Professional UV/IR and ozone free lighting system. With a light exposure of less than 2,500 lux and a service life of over 50,000 operating hours, the highest conservation and ecological requirements are met. A significant technological advantage over lighting from other manufacturers is the Fresnel lenses specially developed for the book2net lighting units. They ensure perfect light distribution and illumination. Unwanted and disturbing gradients and reflection effects, which otherwise occur in very light or very dark areas and also with shiny materials, are avoided.

Motorized height adjustement of the book cradle

The PLC-controlled motorized lifting columns enable precise height adjustment of the book table up to 25 cm or, if desired, up to 40 cm. Designed for a load capacity of up to 180 kg each, they conveniently support the scanning of very thick and heavy volumes. Thanks to the integrated microsensor technology, they can be operated using both hand and foot controls. The book2net Hornet not only offers an extraordinarily gentle recording concept for large-format documents and heavy books, but is also incomparably user-friendly and meets the requirements of a modern, ergonomic workplace.

Matrix sensor technology
Thanks to the parallel use of two highly resolving area sensors in combination with high quality lenses, the book2net Hornet provides uncompromised quality. The scanner is equipped with a 160 power dual illumination system which ensures a constant color temperature during the scan process and therefore an accurate color reproduction. Thanks to the built-in Fresnel lenses, a uniform light distribution is guaranteed.

True scale capturing and controller modules

Especially for thick large-format books with wide spines, a height adjustment by the book cradle is essential in order to achieve a true-scale digitization. Thanks to the dual laser system, the book2net Hornet can be set to the ideal focus level within seconds.

Through their PLC controlled spindle drive, the specially developed motor driven profile lifting columns of the new book2net Hornet semi-robotic enable a precise height adjustment of the book table up to 25 cm resp. 40 cm if desired. Designed for a payload of up to 180 kg each, they comfortably support the scanning of thick and large books.

Following customer requests, we have developed different control modules and additional options for the glass pressure system and book cradle of the book2net Hornet semi-robotic to specifically meet the complex requirements of various originals and working processes.

Controller module 1: for the optimization of the aperture angle of the pressure system with automatic adjustment to the book size.

Controller module 2: for optional control of the fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation.

Controller module 3: for the automated guidance of book thickness adjustment