Mosquito A1 Large Format Book Scanner

Mosquito A1 Large Format Book Scanner by book2net is a high-performance device ideal for mass digitization projects.

The A1 Mosquito large format book scanner by book2net, is a high-performance device specifically designed for the use in mass digitization projects with large-format, bulky or particularly serious originals such as newspaper volumes in order to ensure high productivity as well as particularly gentle treatment of the originals.

Two high-resolution CMOS sensors give superb quality full format scans within a seconds. An additional LED bar ensures even illumination on the whole scanning area.

Motorized book cradle with two lifting columns is designed for books up to 180 kg.

Self opening and closing motorized glass plate preserves originals. Pressure sensivity is adjustable.

Opening angle can also be adjusted depending on the book size, in order to optimize scanning process.

Features & Options of Mosquito A1 Large Format Book Scanner


Semi roboticInfo
Motorized book cradlelayout section: 645 x 916 mm
Scanning speed0.3 s.full format / maximal resolution
Cycle time3.5 s.scanning + imaging + saving
Optical book curve correction 
Mechanical spine exemption 10 cm 
Mechanical spine exemption 20 cmO 
LED illumination systemUV and IR free
Dual LED systemO 
Motorized glass plate 
Controller Module 1 
Controller Module 2 
Controller Module 3  
Motorized height adjustment of the book table (25 cm)up to 25 cm, PLC controlled spindle drive, lifts up to 180 kg
Motorized height adjustment of the book table (40 cm)Oup to 40 cm, PLC controlled spindle drive, lifts up to 180 kg
Manual book holding supportO 
Easy Scan Professional 
Focus tool 
Foot switchscan initiation
Foot switch Premium 24 pedals to adjust the height and control the glass plate
Legend: √ – included, O – option

Mosquito A1 Book Scanner Technical Data

Sensor:High-performance area sensors
Optics: Schneider precision lens
Lighting source:Cold light LED with Light Control System (LCS)
Resolution:400 dpi / 600 dpi
Depth of field: 8 cm
Layout section:645 x 916 mm
Scanning time:0.3 sec. @ full format @ full resolution
Processing time: 3.5 sec. (scanning + imaging + storage!)
Interface:USB 3.0
Software:Easy Scan Professional
Image formats:Color, grayscale, black & white
Output formats:TIFF, PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000
Standards:METAMORFOZE-Strict,  FADGI-4 Star, ISO/TS 19264-1:2017
Copyright: Copyright waiver
Dimensions: 110 x 175 x 195 cm (W x D x H)
Power supply: 100V – 240V, 47Hz – 63Hz
Power consumption: Standby: ~50VA, operation: ~100VA
Safety standard: CE EMV
Maintenance: Remote service available