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Production FlexviewFlexView Affordable Compact Conversion Scanner Makes In-House Conversion a Reality

The new FlexView from nextScan will convert your roll of microfilm at up to 300 PPM, in your own facility, on your schedule and utilizing your own staff!

Microfilm conversion, preservation and accessing your film just got a whole lot easier!

Virtual FilmVirtualFilm converts your film into a user viewable digital ribbon format, and allows access to the film images using the microfilm scrolling and search techniques, but without the need for the film!
The cost of digital conversion can be less expensive than making a duplicate of the film, and is a permanent record that can be viewed at any PC workstation using nextScan software.

ST Viewscan The ST ViewScan III combines over ten years of digital microfilm scanning experience to bring you the most comprehensive microfilm scanner to date! ST Imaging has developed a camera with a true 14 megapixel, full color image sensor that will create crisp and clear images of your microfilm archives. What’s more, the ST ViewScan III, has the capability to scan a patron’s colour slides! That’s not all. Librarians can fulfill interlibrary loans quickly, direct from ST Imaging’s Premium Software. The ST ViewScan III turns your microfilm archive into a dynamic, user-friendly resource for everyone!

NextStar PlusCombined with nextScan scanners, the NextStar Workflow Software Platform can provide optimum speed and significantly reduce conversion costs by minimizing operator setup and QA, all while eliminating the need for rescans.

Flexscan3 in 1 Microfilm Scanner…One Scanner… Many functions…

FlexScan is a multi-format, Budget Friendly Production Microfilm Scanner offering a complete package of hardware, software, training and support to give you the best solution for your conversion projects.

EclipseThe World’s Leading Production Level Rollfilm Scanners... Conceptualized for the Power User!

The Eclipse 16/35mm roll film scanning solution provides a complete package of hardware, software, training and support to provide the fastest throughput and highest quality digital images in the market today. Eclipse systems include the scanner, PC, high resolution lens, NextStar PLUS Workflow Software, on-site training and long term support.

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