Microfilm, Microfiche Scanner SoftwareVirtual Film converts your film into a user viewable digital ribbon format, and allows access to the film images using the microfilm scrolling and search techniques, but without the need for the film!
The cost of digital conversion can be less expensive than making a duplicate of the film, and is a permanent record that can be viewed at any PC workstation using nextScan software.

Simply use your existing workflow with the same indexes. Enter the roll number, instrument or case number in the Viewer and the roll or fiche is instantly displayed!
Virtual Film is the perfect tool for low retrieval rate film, and at any time the images can be output for import in to your current Document Management System along with your current day-forward content.

Virtual Film by nextScan allows Canyon County, (IDAHO) easy access to Court and Land Title records…

“Improved Efficiency, Reduced Labor Costs and Increased Customer Satisfaction along with long term critical document preservation are just some of the benefits that this project has brought to our County Records Management Department and County Land Title Records” – Lorraine Hunter, Canyon County (IDAHO) Records Management Supervisor