Public and Academic Libraries

Libraries are ever evolving . While it’s true that libraries still offer a dizzying amount of information, the way patrons access this information has fundamentally changed. Ristech specializes in helping libraries keep up with changing technology by providing the best digital library solutions. From book scanners to automated self-service reservations kiosks, our team can help. Learn more about the services we offer all types of libraries – both public and academic – and contact us today!

Reading academic books in a library
ComputeIT Laptop Lending and Charging Locker

ComputeIT Laptop Lending and Charging Locker

ComputeIT is a self-service laptop lending kiosk that enables your students and patrons to access the essential digital tools and online content critical for their success – anytime, anywhere, 24/7. The ComputeIT kiosk will safely store and charge your library’s valuable laptops, iPads and tablets via a user-friendly touch screen interface. Easy to use and loved by all members of your community! Discover ComputeIT today.


“As educators become more proficient with technology, laptops are integrated into their teaching practices and students need a laptop in the classroom. The self-serve laptop dispensers support student success.”

“The self-serve laptop dispensers are an excellent addition to the library’s services, and they will continue to be a crucial resource even as the BringIT program continues to expand. The digital foundation of the BringIT program supports the college’s aspiration to be fully student-centric, institutionally responsible, and effective while embodying a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

 Jane Burpee, Director, Libraries and Learning Centre, Centennial College

HoldIT Automated Self-Service Reservations Kiosk

It’s just not feasible for many public or academic libraries to have around-the-clock hours. To solve this problem, technology steps in. The HoldIT Automated Self-Service Reservations Kiosk can be placed in convenient locations inside or outside the library walls, wherever you decide it is most convenient for your community. This system is easy for library staff to load the books and items requested and placed on hold by patrons and easy for patrons to retrieve their selected items by simply scanning their library card. These sturdy lockers are a must-have for libraries looking to meet the unique needs of their patrons.


“With the new holds locker at SPL I can pick up my holds even when the library is closed!”

Erin, Saskatoon Public Library employee

LendIT Self-Service Lending Machine

LendIT Self-Service Lending Machine

Many people just cannot make the trip to their local library branch during service hours for many reasons and it is not possible for libraries to have bricks-and-mortar branches in every corner of your community. Our LendIT Self-Service Lending Machine allows you to curate and bring a substantial collection of books and technology for pickup 24/7 to selected areas in your community: from hospitals to senior centers and schools. Simply load the machine with books, CDs, DVDs and tablets. Each machine can hold several hundred items, bringing mini-libraries to every corner of your community. Let Ristech help bring your library to your growing and changing community wherever and whenever they need it! Learn more today.


“We are constantly searching for ways to expand the services we offer to the Grand Prairie and our surrounding communities. The LendIT self-service kiosk is a perfect solution to extend library services to the members of The Epic. It gives members the convenience of accessing library materials while at the center and the freedom of extended hours access to library loan items.”

Peter Sime, Supervisor of People, Grand Prairie Public Library System


Digital library solutions are critical for modern-day libraries. These solutions offer improved access to resources, increased efficiency, greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. By embracing digital library solutions, libraries can better serve their patrons and stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape of technology and access. Ristech is passionate about ensuring libraries stay a gathering place for the community by making library services easier and more effective and efficient for patrons. We partner with academic and public libraries to understand the needs of their population and offer tailored solutions. To get started, schedule a consultation with us today!