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Book2net Kiosk II Book ScannerBook2net Kiosk II

Since its successful launch, the book2net kiosk had a significant impact on the international market and set new stand-ards regarding the expectations on a modern book scanner.

Fast, easy & exceptionally precise!

Meanwhile, the book2net Kiosk has gained a significant market share. Users appreciate the book2net durability and high reliability. In particular, the innovative matrix-sensor technology has convinced many users due to the exceptional picture quality and extremely high productivity. book2net Kiosk demonstrates its high efficiency not only in the reading room, but also in digitization projects.

Book2net Kiosk Public V A2 Book ScannerThe book2net Profi A2 is suitable for use in reading rooms as well as for professional working in institutions or digitization centers. Equipped with a dual-use technology the book2net Profi can be fitted according to customer requirements as a public system with an embedded PC and touchscreen monitor or as a production system with an external PC, proof monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

Book2Net Profi-V A2 Book ScannerThe book2net profi-V is one of the most succesful and versatile book scanners on the international market and convinces users by its high quality, productivity and reliability.

The book2net profi-V can be used universally as a V-shape or 180° scanner. Especially for libraries with modern book inventory (paperbacks, journals, ... etc.), or even historical stock, this solution offers special advantages.

The book cradle function works both in V-shape and 180° operation.

The separate height adjustment of the right and left side guarantees an optimal adaptation of the support surface and allows a significant increase in quality.

The adjustable book spine exemption, center alignement and optional glass plates for 180° or V-shape operation are adding crucial features to provide a gentle as well as efficient scanning system.

The book2net profi-V is suitable for use in reading rooms as well as for professional operation in institutions or digitization centers.

Book2net Spirit - Walk Up Book Scannerbook2net Spirit

The book2net Spirit is the very first entry level high resolution book scanner. The Spirit is designed to replace photocopiers, in Public, Government and Corporate Libraries. By eliminating the need for paper, toner and maintenance – Libraries can reduce cost. The Spirit can easily be attached to a cost recovery system or coin-op to generate revenue.

Book2net Ultra II Book ScannerHigh-performance Production Document Scanner

The book2net ultra II has established itself worldwide as a successful product in the field of A2+ production scanners. Designed for use in the service sector as well as for reproduction and digitization centers the book2net ultra II meets the specific requirements of high throughput, excellent quality and extreme durability. Further focal points in the development have been the consideration of conservational, environmental and economic aspects as well as a maximum user-friendliness.

Equipped with a high-quality lens, an energy-saving Eco-LED light unit, a self-adjusting motorized book cradle and a self-opening motorized glass plate the book2net ultra II combines impressive productivity and quality with ease of use. The industrial precision components and standards are ensuring longevity and sustainability and allow a smooth, uniform guidance and adjustment of all movable elements.

The book cradle, the glass plate and the conservational LED lighting system can be precisely adjusted to different formats and structures of the originals within seconds. Thus a smooth workflow is guaranteed.

Café Pro Book ScannerA professional Book Scanner specifically designed for bound documents and bound books. This unit provides efficient OCR Technology, innovative image processing software with Original Algorithm and powerful batch-edition functions. READ MORE

Copi Book V-SHAPE Book ScannerCopiBook V-shape, a Scanner Compliant with the ISO 19264 Standard!

Combining performance & ergonomics for fragile documents the CopiBook V-Shape is the ideal scanner for high-resolution scanning of fragile documents from DIN A2 / C format to DIN A3 / B format. Thanks to the book holder and the V-shaped glass (opening at 120 °), the CopiBook V-shape is designed for the great respect of your collections.

CopiBook Open System Book ScannerCopiBook OS is the newborn model from CopiBook range.

Keeping all the main features which made CopiBook range the worldwide reference of A2 format book scanners over the last decade, CopiBook OS comes up with an unequalled productivity, a brand new i2S matrix sensor camera, and it is driven by the new powerful software interface LIMB Capture.

CopiBook OS inherits the versatility and modularity of the latest eSCan OS by i2S.

i2S Digibook DL-mini Book ScannerDIGIBOOK DL-mini is a book scanner digitizing both automatically and manually. Designed by 4Digitalbooks and equipped with i2S camera (CopiBook technology), it provides both productivity and exceptional image quality.

i2S eScan Open System Book ScannerNEW eScan Open System book scanner is adapted to your digitization needs for today and tomorrow. Open to usage, connect eScan Open System book scanner to any devices of your choice, and with 1 click you can share your content.

Not sure which eScan best suits your needs?

eScan Open System book scanner is made of several modules to be assembled according to your needs.

Camera Module (mandatory) New area sensor camera made by i2S, expert in vision 2 models:
1. E-HRIS camera: Standard resolution efficiency for standard works
2. EAGLE camera: High resolution efficiency for high quality digitization needs

i2S SupraScan II Book ScannerSupraScan™ II is the best scanner to digitize up to A1+ format with a compromise between image quality and productivity. SupraScan™ II is the ideal scanner for digitizing bound documents for A2+ and A1+ formats in high resolution (up to 600×600 dpi optical). Designed as a veritable working station, SupraScan™ II is the best scanning solution requiring ergonomics, image quality and productivity. Fast, robust and reliable, SupraScan™ II is a production scanner providing the best return on investment.

KIRTAS KABIS 700 Book ScannerThis semi-automated scanner capture pages using the latest Canon 22.1 megapixel cameras in full 24 bit color in a fraction of a second. Up to A3 page can be captured with superior sharpness and excellent color fidelity in Portrait mode, and A3- in Landscape mode at 300dpi

KIRTAS KABIS I Book ScannerThe new KABIS I system continues theKirtas tradition by providing the SmartCradle™ with new automatic book centering that increases postprocessing productivity. The 110 degree position is optimal for low stress, gentle book positioning and is pages, and the newest SureTurn™ robotic arm with its vacuum head will gently lift and turn the page. The result is full book content integrity and quality.

KABIS II+ Book ScannerKirtas KABIS II+ Key Features

The new KABIS II PLUS system continues the Kirtas tradition by providing the SmartCradle™ with new automatic book centering that increases postprocessing productivity. The 110 degree position is optimal for low stress, gentle book positioning and Enhanced Page Separator combine to separate pages, and the newest SureTurn™ robotic arm with its vacuum head will gently lift and turn the page.

Kirtas Kabis III Book Scanner Key Features

The new KABIS IIIW system continues the Kirtas tradition by providing the SmartCradle™ with new automatic book centering that increases post-processing productivity. The 110 degree position is optimal for low stress, gentle book positioning and is ideal for fragile and rare books. Air flows and Enhanced Page Separator combine to achieve page separation and the newest SureTurn™ robotic arm with its vacuum head will gently lift and turn the page.

SmartLF Gx + T56 Book ScannerThe SmartLF Gx+ 56 range offers high 600 dpi optical resolution, superior color CCD technology and the benefits of instant-on bi-directional LED illumination.

These scanners meet the needs of AEC, CAD and GIS users for sharply defined line detail in technical documents and maps while producing the highly accurate color reproduction, copying and wide color gamut required for demanding graphics applications. Can scan documents up to 0.8" thick!

SmartLF GxT+42 Book ScannerThe sixth generation SmartLF GxT+ 42 ENERGY STAR® qualified scanners combine a unique Colortrac designed bi-directional LED light system that has low energy requirements, a longer life and reduced environmental impact with the superior color imaging attributes of CCD technology. Can scan documents up to 0.8" thick!

SmartLF SC 25 Xpress Large Format Book ScannerThe NEW compact SmartLF SC 25 Xpress large format scanner is the best general purpose solution for scanning wide format Technical Imaging and Color Graphics documents up to Arch D, ANSI D, ISO A1 or B2.

With a small footprint, it is ideal for Small Office, Home Office, On-site Building Services, Architectural, Engineering, Construction and more.

SmartLF SG 36 44 Large Format Book ScannerThe NEW generation of SmartLF SG 36/44 series scanners are afordable high quality large format CCD scanners with optimized color imaging performance.

71 MP CMOS book scanning camera- High performance- CMOS area sensor:
- adjustable resolution (format dependant)
- perfect color reproduction
- Custom lens choice
- SDK available
- USB 3.0 interface

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