i2S SupraScan Quartz A1 HD Large Format Book ScannerThe SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD is the best planetary scanner to digitize up to A1+ format with superior image quality and productivity.

The new SupraScan™ generation, called “Quartz”, has been optimized and come today with a new HD camera, a new book cradle, a new lighting system, a new software and exclusive features. This is why, the SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD is today the best high resolution scanner for A1 documents.

The SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD benefits at glance:

The SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD has been developed to achieve the highest level of benefits. Those benefits are focused on:

As part of i2S Group internationally well-known in industrial vision, i2s DigiBook has a high level of knowledge in image technologies mastering perfectly sensor, optics, electronics, lighting and image processing technologies. This is why, the SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD reach the highest level of image quality in terms of resolution efficiency, color rendering, noise and is compliant with the international FADGI and Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines.

The SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD has been developed to reach the highest level of image quality but with no compromise on speed and productivity. With high quality camera components, powerful server, optimized scan sequence and saving process, the SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD offers a very good level of productivity at that level of image quality.

All aspects have been studied to maximize operators’ productivity and comfort. This why the command panel location, the scan process, the lighting configuration, the automatic functions and the easy to use software interface offer the best conditions making the SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD an easy and powerful scanner to use day after day.

With many options like book cradle (25 or 50 cm), V-shape cradle, lighting table, the SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD allow to digitize various type of documents from various quality and sizes: books, maps, registers, paintings, negatives, etc.


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With a chain of design, conception and manufacture driven by high quality guidelines, all SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD are  articularly robust and reliable. This is why, since 2005 more than 500 SupraScan™ are operating successfully for nearly 380  customers worldwide as libraries, archives, universities, town halls as well as service providers. Some of them are working in two shifts of 8 hours without any trouble. The i2S group quality management is certified by the international standard NF EN ISO 9001.


The conception of the SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD has taken into account the use of very fragile documents. This is why the scanning plate access, the glass pressure, the book cradle, the light technology are optimized to respect and minimize the contact with the documents.

Camera Quartz HD


    • The new CCD camera offers a 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution on A1 format,up to 800 x 800 dpi on A2 and 1000 x 1000 dpi on A3.
    • Resolution efficiency is more than 11 lp / mm at 600 x 600 dpi and more than 18 lp / mm at 1000 x 1000 dpi!
    • Images are compliant with FADGI and Metamorfoze image quality guidelines.
    • Focus is motorized and automatic.
    • Scan time is less than 8s for an A1 scan at 400 x 400 dpi optical.
    • No image distortion: distance and angle between the camera and the document is fixed and the camera is always perpendicular to the document.


The new lighting system


    • Very long life LED lightings. No UV and IR emission.
    • Relief enhancement system.
    • Exclusive glares free system.
    • Lighting below the operator’s eyes level.
    • Lights only switched on during the scan time.



SupraScan Quartz A1 HD overview

The SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD has the ability to digitize using only one lateral light (right or left). This exclusive feature allows you to enhance the relief of documents or objects and give a better value to your images.


The SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD offers an innovative feature that prevent glares even on highly reflective documents (glossy paper, plastic blister, oil paintings, Mylar, etc.) This is an exclusive hardware solution (lighting system and optical head) and not a software processing.

SupraScan Quartz A1 HD overview

Book Cradle

SupraScan quartz A1 HD can be equipped with a book cradle, several models are possible like book cradle 25 or book cradle 40, but also book cradle 50 (for more information, please contact us).

Similarities between book cradle 25 and book cradle 40:


    • Similar to a Robertval system with electrical commands (up and down)
    • Motorized with electronic commands (no air compressor) and has an A1 glass plate with automated pressure and controls on the book.
    • The scan can be done without contact on the glass plate.
    • The glass plate is easily removable: 1 person and 10 seconds only.
    • The constant level of the document simplifies the daily use of the scanner by eliminating the need to setup the camera for each document.
    • Security sensors detect intrusions between the glass plate and the book cradle and release pressure or stop the glass plate move.


Differences between book cradle 25 and book cradle 40:


    • Scanning area:


Book cradle 25: up to 1100 x 618 mm / 43.3 x 24.8 in. (open book).
Book cradle 40: up to 1100 x 630 mm / 43.31 x 24.8 in. (open book)


    • Document thickness :


Book cradle 25: up to 25 cm / 9.84 in.
Book cradle 40: up to 40 cm / 15.75 in.


    • Document weight:


Book cradle 25: up to 25 kg / 55.12 lb.
Book cradle 40: up to 40 kg / 88.18 lb.

The new software


    • A new easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface).
    • Multiple saving frames with customized outputs.
    • Thumbnails flow to check/delete/add/insert images.
    • Production environment: login, metadata tagging, METS outputs…
    • Operates on Windows 7, 64 bits platforms.


Smart scanner


    • Automatic calibration mode (assisted and manual modes also available).
    • Batches of image processing and compression.
    • Automatic and real-time image quality control.
    • Easy integration into workflow solutions.
    • A remote maintenance function.


Largest A1 format on the market

The SupraScan™ Quartz A1 HD offers you the largest scanning size on the A1 book scanners market with a maximum scanning dimension of 1100 x 618 mm (43” x 24.3”).