The CopiBook OS A1 is the best scanner for digitization projects that require high quality and maximum productivity.

A scanner designed for your large digitization projects

Our CopiBook OS, meets the specific requirements of mass digitization projects on large format documents

High quality and high speed

The E-XTRA camera, a new camera embeding the TrueColor technology.

Image Quality
Compliant with the ISO 19264 standard, Metamorfoze and Fadgi***

Scan time in color <1sec productivity > 1000 p/h

Select only the needed modules, make your scanner evolve over time

i2S CopiBook Open System ADVANTAGES

IMAGE QUALITY: ISO 19264 (Metamorfoze Light and FADGI 3 ) compliant,
400 x 400 dpi optical on A2, 7 lp/mm at 400 dpi 71 Mpixels EAGLE camera, depth of eld 9 cm
PRODUCTIVE: Scan time <1 sec, Cycle time <3 sec, fast focus, fast data transfer
CONFIGURABLE: Select the modules you need
VERSATILE: Same scanner for mass or self-service digitization
OPEN: Create your own modules to complete the solution and match your needs
CONNECTED: Simple interconnection to the outside (USB 3)
LARGE FORMAT: Scanning area 635 mm x 440 mm (25” x 17,3”)
EASY TO USE: Fully automatic calibration and intuitive interface
TRANSPORTABLE: Easy to assemble, dismantle and move