Making Large Scale Scanning Effortless

The world’s fastest A1 scanner ensures high-quality digitization and maximum productivity.

Bringing Together Productivity and Efficiency

The CopiBook OS A1 takes a large scale scanning up a notch by leveraging technology at its finest. From taking rapid high-quality shots to capturing real-time colour previews – everything about this scanner speaks high-tech! Whether you need to preserve an entire library or compress archives by storing them digitally, the CopiBook OS A1 is the right scanner for the job.

Quality that goes above and beyond

We believe image quality should always be a top priority. That’s why i2S CopiBook OS A1 brings forth a large-scale production scanner that doesn’t compromise on the quality.

With a 71-megapixel Eagle, Matrix Sensor Camera, and a 156-megapixel E-XTRA Camera (CopiBook OS A1 XD) – CopiBook always delivers quality by leveraging its 400dpi real-time color previews.

Automation that gives you peace of mind

Who wants to repeat a process over and over again? That’s why the CopiBook OS A1 allows you maximum automation so that you use your time more productively.

Copibook OS A1 comes with several automation features such as cropping, focus, exposure time, lightning adjustment to take a lot of things off your place. Not only that, with this scanner, you also get auto page and format detection along with auto-cropping that makes everything a lot easier.

Scanning that offers an intuitive and comfortable experience

The CopiBook OS A1 is all about making things easygoing and smooth. With this scanner, you get the best quality images at the highest possible rate

Leveraging a fast scanning speed of less than 1 second per capture, you get amazing productivity of scanning 1000 pages/hour. In addition, this scanner leverages a non-flashing LED light operator and a self-balancing book cradle with scan glass to make sure that you stay comfortable while scanning.

Software to help you digitize easily

The CopiBook OS comes with the LIMB Capture Suite that makes capturing and enhancing scans easy by using powerful auto-detection, curvature correction, deskew, and multiple format export. In addition, this software helps you fine-tune and calibrate the images both before and after they are taken.


[ultimate_info_table design_style=”design02″ package_heading=”i2S CopiBook Open System ADVANTAGES” heading_tag=”h2″ heading_font_color=”#ffffff” heading_font_style=”text-decoration:underline;,font-weight:bold;”]IMAGE QUALITY: ISO 19264 (Metamorfoze Light and FADGI 3 ) compliant,

400 x 400 dpi optical on A2, 7 lp/mm at 400 dpi 71 Mpixels EAGLE camera, depth of eld 9 cm

PRODUCTIVE: Scan time <1 sec, Cycle time <3 sec, fast focus, fast data transfer

CONFIGURABLE: Select the modules you need

VERSATILE: Same scanner for mass or self-service digitization

OPEN: Create your own modules to complete the solution and match your needs

CONNECTED: Simple interconnection to the outside (USB 3)

LARGE FORMAT: Scanning area 635 mm x 440 mm (25” x 17,3”)

EASY TO USE: Fully automatic calibration and intuitive interface

TRANSPORTABLE: Easy to assemble, dismantle and move[/ultimate_info_table]

The world's fastest A1 book scanner: CopiBook OS A1 Book Scanner

Digitization Will Never Be the Same Again!

Looking to step up your scanning efficiency? Now is the right time to digitally secure all of your assets. Feel free to reach out to us and let us answer any questions you may have.