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LauraTech PDF Compressor SoftwareThe LuraTech™ PDF Compressor Enterprise is the professional solution for high quality, process-oriented conversion and compression. It is flexible, scalable, and designed for processing very large files to a manageable size. Transferring files across our network, uploading documents to your customer and sending attachments via email just got easier!

This solution can be configured for any size project you have and it is ideal for easily providing Cultural Heritage content to your patrons over the internet.

The software’s exceptional compression reduces large files significantly and delivers outstanding image quality in one of several PDF/A formats that are ISO-compliant designed for long-term archiving. The LuraTech PDF Compressor turns all your image and data files – whether scanned or born digital – into a single unifying file format.

The award-winning mixed raster content (MRC) layer-based compression technology processes high-resolution black-and-white, grayscale, and color images or scanned documents, with compression ratios of 100:1 or better. Outstanding image quality and crisp text legibility are preserved, while storage costs and bandwidth requirements for transfer are drastically reduced.

Benchmark: LuraTech PDF/A compared with conventional formats
(Scanned page: 300 DPI, 24 bit full-color RGB, A4 size)
Benchmark: LuraTech PDF/A compared with conventional formats
  • Lasting operational stability – The LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise meets every requirement and is building on many years of development providing a stable solution
  • Text recognition included – Integrated with the ABBYY OCR Engine
  • Outstanding support – Support is provided by a team of experts and developers who have complete competence and are there for you as soon as you need them
  • Archive for less – the MRC document compression makes your archives compact and drastically reduces storage cost and bandwidth
  • Easy to use and integrate – The PDF compressor can be easily integrated into existing document and management projects. With a simple installation process and a straightforward user interface, you can be productive as soon as possible!
This industry solution can be used for projects of all sizes and can be purchased as a license for recurring use or one-project use starting at 50,000 pages a year to hundreds of millions pages a month. The PDF Compressor is used in many industries, including scanning services, libraries, government agencies, cultural heritage and archives.




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