The STERI-Book SB-601 Public eliminates bacteria, viruses, and mould from library materials with the touch of a button. UV-C rays are used to disinfect a wide variety of materials including books, magazines and cell phones.

Steri-book safely sterilizes library books and other materials.

The STERI-Book SB-601 Public’s unique system uses UV-C rays to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould and a fan to remove hair, dust and other particles that might have fallen between the pages of a public library book. The operation is simple, designed for the public to use and is quiet so it will not disrupt patrons.

The STERI-Book SB-601 Public works when an item such as a library book is placed on the book holder and the tempered glass door is closed securely. Once the “on” button is pressed, a fan begins to blow, thus removing foreign particles from the pages of the book. A UV-C lamp radiates a 253.7 wavelength to disinfect and will stop automatically if the door opens during the disinfection process. A non-toxic natural antimicrobial deodorant is deployed to destroy odour molecules. The antimicrobial deodorant is made from 100% natural vegetable material and will remove odours such as pet, food or mould odour. The STERI-Book SB-601 Public uses an internal circulation system so that there is no risk of dust from outside air being forced into the system, which also extends the life of the unit’s filter. The STERI-Book SB-601 Public is very quiet with a noise level of 50db and can disinfect up to 6 books per minute. 

The STERI-Book SB-601 Public is 100% safe to use by the public. The STERI-Book SB-601 Public has achieved a 99.9% disinfection test report from testing and research institutes. 


  • Size: 690(W)590(D)1420(H)mm
  • Colour: Black or White
  • Body Material: Aluminum and Steel
  • Door Material: Aluminum and Tempered Glass (3.2mm)
  • Normal Voltage: 110v
  • Standby Power: 2.5watt
  • Sterilization Time: 30 seconds
  • Start Botton: Smart touch button