The STERI-Charge: UVC Laptop Charging Locker is a 16 Bay UV-C sanitizing and charging locker system for laptops, notebooks and other devices with a 32” Android Advertising Screen.

STERI-Charge: UVC Laptop Charging Locker

The STERI-Charge UVC Laptop Charging Locker securely charges, disinfects and cleans up to 16 laptops, notebooks and cell phones at the same time. Featuring an easy-to-use 7” HD LCD Touchscreen Pin Code Locking System. The Touchscreen Pin Code locking system has a customizable user interface in any language.

The left side of the unit has 8 lockers with USB-C 60WPD cables while the right side has 8 open AC power outlets for laptops and devices that don’t use USB-C PD. Each locker has UVC lights that turn on automatically when a laptop is deposited.

Users select a charging locker and enter their own personalized code on the touchscreen, providing a safe and secure environment to leave devices while charging.

8 UV-C 3W Bulbs provide sterilization with aWavelength: 254 nm (in the range of UVC100-280 nm) for the first 10 minutes that thedevice is being charged.

The built-in CCTV System operates 24/7 non-stop to protect users’ properties from beingstolen and may help to deter vandals.

Features of the STERI-Charge UVC Laptop charging locker:

32” HD Android Digital Screen to display videoor image advertisements to your end-users asthey store, charge and clean their devices

Built-in CCTV System is in action 24/7 non-stopto protect users’ properties from stolen

Proprietary 7” HD LCD Touch Screen Pin CodeLocking System with Audio Assistant Guide

Supports All Languages & Graphical* UserInterface and Audio Guide

Customizable User Interface*

Ultraviolet Light Modules (UV-C) are able to kill99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi in a shortamount of time.

Sterilizes for 10 minutes upon closing of lockerdoor

Safety Mechanism to protect users’ from directexposure to UV-C.

Secured Bays through User-Generated PinCodes


32” HD Android Digital Screen (1,920 x 1080) with cloud-based digital signage software pre-installed

HD Wireless IP Camera with 32G TF Storage Card

Waterproof 7” 1024×600 LCD Touch Screen

Language Support

ALL Languages User Interface: (English, Espa ol, Fran ois, Deutsch, Pусский, Portugu s, Italiano, (… العربية)

All Languages Audio Guide: (English, Espa ol, Fran ois, Deutsch, Pусский, Portugu s, Italiano, (… العربية)

8x 3W Bulbs UV, Wavelength: 254 nm (in the range of UVC 100-280 nm)

8 x PD 60W Type-C Charging Cables

8 x AC Outlet (to use with users’ own power adaptor)