2 x X71 megapixel camera

Scanning area; 2 x A2

Opening angle: 110 Degrees

Adjustable LED lighting angle


2 x X71 megapixel camera
Scanning area: 2 x A2
Physical resolution: 400 dpi
Flexible camera position
Flexible scanning angle
Adjustable LED lighting angle 
(homogeneous up to sided lighting)
Storable presetting of the calibration settings


Schneider precision lenses
Long-term durability
Depth of field: 8 cm
Optical book-fold optimization
Brilliant color reproduction
Perfect linearity

LED Illumination

Dual illumination unit individually or synchronously controlled
Adjustable lighting angle
Individually adjustable light intensity per lamp and section
Cold-light LEDs
Fresnel lenses
Uniform light distribution
Stable wave length
Light intensity <= 2.500 Lux
Lighting time <= 0.5 sec.
> 3 years lifespan
Light Control Box
Up to 4 additional LED lights
No UV/IR radiation

V-Shape Book Cradle

Opening angle: 110°
Height adjustment up to 15 cm
(optional up to 25 cm)
Spine exemption up to 10 cm
in width (optional up to 20 cm) and
up to 8 cm in depth
Variable coating on request
Preservation approved

V-Shape Glass Plate

Preserves originals
110° (standard) opening angle
Smooth-running and noiseless
Weight neutral balanced
Adjustable pressure sensivity
Non-reflecting glass
(museum glass optional)

High Performance Sensors

Dual matrix sensor technology
400 dpi resolution
0.3 sec. scanning time (2 x A2 color @ 400 dpi)
3.5 sec. processing time (scanning + imaging + storage)
USB 3.0 Interface
Optimized for OCR applications due to reduced noisen


V-shaped, particularly gentle motor-driven page holding system with 4 pressure fingers
Individually adaptable to each book size 
Automatically opening and closing
Synchronized with the scanning process