The functionality to return items outside of standard library open hours is a modern service offering that is in the interest of both customers and libraries. returnIT™ integrates with the library LMS and discharges the items from the user record. The items are collected in one or more of our media-friendly book bins.

The returnIT™ is a fully automated book return machine. It is designed to offer a superior service when returning library items, reduce queues and waiting times and to free up library staff from returns transactions. The system sorts items into different categories easily.

Sorting can be configured to suit the libraries needs and budgets from single bin to 2, 3, 5 or 30 bins, the system is designed so you can add a module as many times as you like. More than one feed can be implemented to speed up the return process.

The returnIT™ can easily be built into existing interior walls and enables the user to quickly return items. Whenever a user places an item in the slot, returnIT™ automatically recognises whether it belongs to your library, opens the hatch and checks in the item. When it does not recognize the library item, the hatch remains closed.


    • Shorter waiting times at the check-in desk
    • Internal and External units available
    • Steel Chassis
    • Large sprung loaded return bins
    • 19” Touch Screen for easy clear instructions
    • Remote access


    • Lower burden on staff
    • Available 24/7
    • Reduces risk of RSI for staff
    • Fast returns / Stock availability
    • Reduced user queues
    • Item opening 400mm x 80mm
    • SIP2 Complaint
    • RFID—13.56MHz
    • ISO15693 / ISO 18000-5


Height: 3 Way sorter: 58.54” (1487mm) 5 Way sorter: 58.54” (1487mm)
Width: 3 Way sorter: 29.37” (746mm) 5 Way sorter: 39.37” (746mm)
Length: 3 Way sorter: 43.70” (1110mm) 5 Way sorter: 99.21” (2520mm)
Weight: 3 Way sorter: 156 lbs. (71kg) 5 Way sorter: 299 lbs. (136kg)
Bins: Small: 700 x 700 x 650mm / 27,55 x 27,55 x 25,85
Power Supply: 120-240 VAC, 60 Hz / max 400 Watts
Entry Point: 950mm / 37.40” from floor level Entry opening 400mm x 80mm / 15.74 x 3.15
System Capacity: The item capacity is between 2500 to 3000 items per hour, depending on ILS response times


    • Receipt Printer
    • Trolley full sensors
    • External options,
    • Staff input feed
    • Larger configurations available.
    • Fully maintained by trained D-Tech
    • 1 Year warranty
    • Remote access monitoring software