lendIT™ Self Service Lending Machine from D-Tech dispenses books, DVDs and other items to library patrons anywhere in your service area. This could be in your local hospital, train or bus stations, government office buildings, community centres, malls and shopping centres; locations are only limited by your imagination!

lendIT™ can hold up to one thousand items consisting of books, CD’s and DVDs.

lendIT™ is available in modules ranging from 200-400 and 1000 items.

lendIT™ is ergonomic and environmentally friendly. Designed and manufactured with a low carbon footprint, the unit is also styled to meet ergonomic guidelines. Its modular design allows for easy add on options such as payments for usage and/or fines and fees.

Special care has been taken to make lendIT™ easy for staff to load and retrieve items returned to the unit.


    • Material capacity 200 to 1000 items.
    • Check-out and return options.
    • Reservations and customer pick-up
    • First screen is branded and customised with key instructions for operation.
    • Search options via category e.g. author, title, blue ray, DVD, etc.
    • Library patron barcode card reader included for user account access.
    • Compatible to Danish data model and ISO 28560-2 plus 3M data models and other RFID suppliers.
    • System uses tag identifier in conjunction with live ILS/LMS connection.
    • Items displayed with correlating image and details for easier selection.


    • 400 Item Unit Height: 1980mm / 78″
    • 400 Item Unit Width: 1025mm / 40″
    • 400 Item Unit Length: 1990mm / 79″
    • 400 Item Unit Weight: 780kg / 1719 lbs
    • Materials: Standard finish is powder coated steel.
    • Alternative RAL colours can be requested at an additional cost. (Click on chart below)
    • RAL_colourchart
    • Power Supply: 110/220/240 Vac
    • Electronics: RFID – 13.5 MHz ISO1563/18000-3, 19” touch screen, PC, printer, most data models supported.
    • Labels supported: Ring, Video, CD, DVD, Book, Barcoded


    • One double switched socket outlet
    • One single IP addressed network point, same location as power point.
    • SIP2 connection setup by ILS/LMS vendor

AFI/EFS: AFI or EAS supported
Software: Software included for issue and return.
Image and data capture application.
CE approved. Specifications subject to change.

WATCH THE VIDEO ‘lendIT™ Self Service Lending Machine from D-Tech – How does it work?’