Depulvera® automatic book cleaner – the vacuum cleaner for library books

Depulvera® automatic book cleaner

With one book single pass, the Depulvera® automatic book cleaning machine guarantees an optimum dusting experience for books.

Depulvera removes dust from books and gives consistent and efficient cleaning with only one pass. It has a compact design that makes it easy to use in narrow book stack aisles and tiny portable libraries.

It’s easy to use; the library technician pushes the Depulvera book cleaning machine down the book aisle, loads the books, and it automatically starts vacuuming off the dust. Depulvera is noiseless so that it can be used in libraries with a centralized vacuum extraction system during regular library hours, without disrupting the activities of patrons. The Hepa vacuum cleaner ensures a safe environment for your cleaning staff.

Depulvera® is compact, simple to use, which means it can be operated by anyone. Call us today to see if the Depulvera® is the right solution for your library.


Max Dimensions of Books (WxLxH)140 x 300 x 400 mm
Machine Dimensions (WxLxH)750 x 1150 x 1200 mm
Cleaning Speed12 books/min