Real-time occupancy monitoring and alerting solution to provide safe entry to any facility with countIT LIVE™.

countIT LIVE™ is a real-time occupancy monitoring and alerting solution to ensure safe entrance to your facility. With state-of-the-art thermal vector technology, countIT LIVE™ occupancy counters keep track of your library’s occupancy in real-time. It’s intuitive, colour indicated customer dashboard makes alerting straightforward. Upon entering the facility, a screen displays a green, or red alert to notify patrons when they are safe to enter the facility.  This is exceptionally useful for facilities with multiple entrances. Your patrons will feel confident that they can safely enter your facility while adhering to government social distancing recommendations. 

countIT LIVE™ is easy to use

Simple to self-install, countIT LIVE™ is fully operational within 30 minutes of opening the box and its privacy-protecting 99.5% accuracy is unmatched. Live Occupancy and Safe Occupancy Rates are easy to view using your attendant dashboard with any WiFi-enabled device.

Wide range of settings and collection options

Whether you manage a small or large branch library, countIT LIVE™ can make a big difference in your daily operations. It provides you with a base conversion rate, giving you the raw number of people who entered your library daily. Large library facilities can utilize this data to figure out which areas of the library people visited the most each day.  countIT LIVE’s advanced functionality allows for dwell time monitoring and can detect staff so they are not included in occupancy data. You can count on countIT LIVE™ is a real-time occupancy monitoring and alerting solution to protect your library.


  • Real-time occupancy monitoring solution which delivers visual warnings at entrances
  • Accuracy exceeds 99.5% – unrivalled sensor precision is unaffected by environmental conditions
  • Advanced functionality delivers staff detection and dwell time monitoring capabilities
  • Fast, simple self-install process – from box to fully-operational in 30 minutes
  • Multi-unit capability makes countIT LIVE™ a solution for multiple and large entrances
  • Privacy retaining – anonymous sensor technology uses no cameras or video and collects no personal information
  • Accessible on any WiFi-enabled device
  • Simple customer dashboard delivers clear, timestamped Safe To Enter/Do Not Enter message including traffic light colour indicator
  • The attendant dashboard includes critical, real-time occupancy data
  • Reduced error build up delivers higher data integrity in historic reporting function for analysis and audit purposes
  • A standalone solution, separate from existing IT networks
  • Remote management and reporting available through cloud platform option

Manufactured by D-Tech International, countIT LIVE™ is a real-time occupancy monitoring and alerting solution is the best solution to provide safe entry to any library.


  • Physical size: Counter
  • Height: 2.17″
  • Width: 4.13″
  • Weight: 0.49lb
  • Materials: Black or White plastic casing