CopiBook OS A2

The Scanner You Can Trust

The CopiBook OS A2 is all about making things easy going and smooth. With this scanner, you get the best quality images at the highest quality. The A2 size CopiBook OS is the perfect book scanner solution for libraries, archives, and service bureaus that are looking to scan a wide variety of bound and loose-leaf material at production speeds with exceptional image fidelity. CopiBook OS is fully a configurable book scanner: you can select your camera, book cradle model and software interface.

CopiBook OS A2 Brochure

Image Quality

  • Compliant with ISO 19264-1, Metamorfoze light and FADGI 3* standards, True Colour Technology


  • Scan time < 1 sec /Cycle time < 3 sec at 400 dpi
  • Scan time < 4 sec /Cycle time < 11 sec at 600 dpi
  • Same scan time whatever the format

Scan Area

  • 17.3×25” with glass down
  • 20 x 28.3” without book cradle

Easy-to-use – real-time color preview before scanning/ Multi-frame management /driven by LIMB Capture interface software for a better user experience

Gentle – LED lighting with no direct light to the operator’s eyes, no UV, no IR, very low noise level. Preservation of fragile materials with the V-shape accessory

Automatic Features – The CopiBook OS comes with fully automatic settings such as cropping, focus, exposure time, and lighting to offer customizable tools with a user friendly interface suitable for both novice and experienced users.

  • Auto Calibration: Focus, exposure, lighting correction, and color balance
  • Auto Page Detection (single sheet or open book)
  • Auto Cropping (2 page spread or crop down the gutter)
  • Scan glass automatically raises after each scan
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