Nebula Disinfects Library Materials Safely

Nebula from Oracle SRL is an automatic disinfecting machine designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and mold from library materials. The Nebula is easy and safe to use, substituting hazardous manual labor for automatic and secure sterilization. The Nebula has the capacity to safely sterilize 3-5 books per minute so materials can re-enter circulation quickly. 

Nebula library material disinfectant
Nebula uses QAC to safely disinfect library materials from viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Nebula uses Quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC), a biocide substance approved by the WHO and the EPA in the use against SARS-COV-2, the coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19. 

The Nebula is made up of two chambers. The first chamber is the nebulization chamber followed by a drying chamber. The Nebula is operated by a technician who places a document on a conveyor belt. The technician uses a joystick to move the document into the first nebulization chamber. A disinfecting solution containing QAC is applied to all external parts of the document with a high pressure misting pump. An internal drain system removes overspray. The conveyer belt then takes the document through a drying chamber for quick and precise drying. The Nebula is easy to operate and eliminates the risks of inhaling biocides during traditional manual treatments because it is linked to and external vacuum aspirator. 

The Nebula is wheel mounted and the chambers can be assembled and disassembled so staff can easily relocate the Nebula through narrow spaces such as corridors, elevators or doorways. The Nebula can work in conjunction with the Depulvera book cleaning machine

Nebula Technical Features

  • Two independent anodized aluminum frame protected by transparent scratch-resistant polycarbonate:
  • 1)The nebulization chamber mm 800X750X1230 Hmm
  • 2)The drying chamber 670X750X1230H mm
  • Belt transport system driven by joystick controller
  • High pressure misting pump with nickel head with an internal drain system
  • Noise level: 60 dB(A)
  • Maximum Format size possible to clean mm. 600X440X180 H.
  • Operating Speed: 3-5 books per minute
  • Dimensions 750X1530X1230H weight 120 kg
  • Electric Supply 220/240V – 50-60 Hz or 110/120V – 50-60 Hz –
  • CE Certified One year warranty
  • This equipment must be linked to an external vacuum cleaner system


Mono-phase motor vacuum aspirator Specifications:

  • Twin high-efficiency Siemens turbine with safety relief valve
  • One motor for fog extraction in the nebulization chamber
  • One motor for blowing air in the drying chamber
  • Anti-static filter Class “M” and post-filtration on exhaust air
  • Liquid level indicator and Aisi 304 container
  • N. 4 rubber wheels
  • Operating in continuous 220/240V – 50-60 Hz or 110/120V – 50-60 Hz

The Nebula is designed and manufactured by Oracle SRL. Oracle SRL is known for its innovations in the library and book cleaning materials.