i2s’ EAGLE is a 71 megapixel digital colour camera that has been designed to satisfy the most demanding end-users, especially in terms of image quality, productivity and performance. 

Easy to use, the i2S EAGLE 71 MP camera offers three modes of acquisition: Full resolution mode, Full-Size Preview mode for faster image display, and ROI mode for acquiring a reduced image area.

Performing and fluid for an efficient workflow. The software development kit coming with the camera offers many functions for optimizing the image quality: gain, white balance, uniformity correction, autofocus and more.

Productivity – Digitization in less than one second

Image Quality – Designed by i2S and compliant with ISO 19264 and the FADGI and Metamorfoze guidelines, the camera offers a resolution of up 1000 dpi in A5 format.

User Friendly – The EAGLE 71 MP camera includes a real-time preview feature, which prevents the operator from having to keep moving the document and therefore reduces digitization errors.