Unequalled image quality, twice as fast!

The SupraScan Quartz A0 LED and Quartz A0 LED HD Large Format Book Scanner offer innovative features like relief enhancement and a glare control system. Thanks to optical and lighting innovation, relief enhancement features enable perfect reproduction of works of art such as; paintings, drawings, and antique works of art; the glare control feature enables scanning any glossy documents even blister embossed documents. The SupraScan Quartz A0 LED and A0 LED HD is embedded with a new 3D scanning technology feature, based on advanced Photometric Stereo algorithms and images analysis. This new scanning solution has been developed for libraries, archives, museums, fine art reproduction and decor industry.

Unlike other book scanners limited to V cradle or standard book cradle options, the QUARTZ A0 stands out by effortlessly scanning bound or flat materials at angles ranging from 180° to 90°. Elevate your digitization experience with the extraordinary capabilities of the QUARTZ A0 HD – setting new benchmarks in quality and ease of use.

Ensure pristine preservation for your most delicate documents, including ancient books, manuscripts, maps, and newspapers, with the Quartz A0 HD book scanner. Tested, approved, and embraced by libraries, archives, and government agencies worldwide, the QUARTZ A0 HD complies with Metamorfoze and FADGI guidelines, meeting international preservation standards.

Image Quality

  • Compliant with ISO 19264 and the Metamorfoze and FADGI (4*) guidelines
  •  Two cameras available: standard and HD model

Large Scanning Area

  • Scanning area up to 1250 x 850 mm (49,2” x 33,5” in) – with glass plate


  • Scan time for A0 format < 9 seconds with the Quartz A0 LED