Limb™  Digitization Conversion SoftwareLIMB™ is a complete content conversion solution and includes all the required tools for today’s digitization projects, including project inventory, image processing, quality control, OCR, document structuring and multiple format exporting for long-term archiving, digital libraries or POD.

LIMB™ is available in three different standalone applications to suit your digitization needs.

LIMB MAESTRO is a unique software solution planning, prioritizing and optimizing digitization projects at a same time.

LIMB SERVER is the full version operating for mass digitization projects with several scanners and multiple operators.

Limb™  Digitization Conversion Software
includes tools such as image processing, quality control, metadata management, multiple exports, batch processing and workflow templates, but also several add-on modules such as, professional OCR (137 language), document structuring with auto page number and auto table of content and the Page Validation Tool (PVT) for easily assigning page number and checking for missing pages.