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Tocosa EasyScan Plus II Book Scanning SoftwareThe Tocosa (Expert Mode) allows software expansion for professional purposes:

    • Choice of color (COL, GS, BW)
    • Choice of format (TIFF, PDF, JPEG)
    • Thumbnail view (Paste, View, Delete)
    • Page splitting left/right
    • Middle section recognition
    • Fullsize-Scan
    • Zoom function
    • Partial printing
    • Book curve correction

Finger-removal available as expanded functions. By activating/deactivating single functions, an individually adaptable user interface may be created.

The state-of-the-art software structure includes not only two graphical scanning interfaces for untrained and trained users but also new features for professional use. The intuitive and user-friendly parameter settings are visible at a glance, without sub-menus. Finger removal, page layout and page recognition, automatic cutting and straightening and book-fold optimization are covering the basic requirements for a modern image editing software. The new, expanded book2net operating software Easy Scan Plus II performs these functions in the range of milliseconds. The Easy Scan Plus II software offers innovative solutions for modern communications.