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Digitization Solutions

Our book scanners are the easiest way to ensure your book’s contents are digitized for the future

Book2Net – Many libraries have books that they want to preserve for eternity. Our book scanners are the easiest way to ensure your book’s contents are digitized for the future. Our Book2Net book scanners are highly accurate, durable, and fast. You can adjust the Book2Net scanner for specific book sizes, plus they are energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Learn more today.

Kirtas – The Kirtas book scanners are great for use for fragile books and more. Cameras take pictures of every page and can be equipped to scan very small books. Choose from our different models that offer automatic, semi-automatic, or manual modes. You’ll love the compatibility and ease-of-use for these book scanners. Learn more today.

i2S – If you are looking for a great digitized book scanner, consider the i2S. You can choose from a standard resolution or high resolution to suit your needs. This book scanner offers a real-time color preview and can easily connect with printers, card readers, payment systems, and barcode readers. Learn more today.

Library Technology Solutions

DTech – Our Book2Net book scanners can take your magazines, paperbacks, journals, historical books, and more and digitize them in a digestible format, such as e-books or images. These books can then be downloaded by your customers as e-books on most e-readers, making them extremely popular with library patrons. Library patrons can use the book scanners, too, and they can be used 24/7, making it convenient for everyone. Learn more today.

STERI-Book – Books can harbor harmful viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, just like any other surface can. With our STERI-Book solution, you can disinfect your library’s books, killing up to 99.9% of these harmful bad guys and helping to keep your library patrons safe. Learn more today.

Support Services

Ristech helps bring your library into the modern age by providing library solutions that can help digitize your books, sanitize your books, and, in the long run, help preserve your books for posterity. Learn more today.

Some of Our Clients

What Our Customers Are Saying


Assisant Director of the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library University of Toronto

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a dramatic increase in demand for digital reproductions of books. The previous methods available for imaging delicate or old books were cumbersome and not conductive to the handling of fragile materials.

Carolyn S. Parsons, Special Collections Librarian / Archivist

Suzanne Huffman, Digital Resources Librarian University of Mary Washington

We have been using the COBRA this past year for scanning materials from our special Collections and University archives. It has fully met our expectations for high-quality digital conversion of rare and unique items and allowed us to work on both in-house and collaborative community projects. It is easy to operate and allows us to work with many different sized books and documents with excellent results.


Diqital Services and Reference Librarian at the University of Illinois

“We looked for something in-between our flatbed scanners and our huge, expensive large format scanner, and the Book2net spirit fit the bill concerning both features and price. We also wanted something with minimal power requirements that didn’t require an Ethernet port,” said librarian Jennifer Emmanuel. “We also like how easy it is to use there is no learning curve and people are amazed at how easy it is to learn.

The Next Generation of Microfilm Scanner


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