The simplest and most effective way to digitize your Library’s archive collection is with the Kirtas Archive Scanner 3.0.

Depending on the user’s needs, the scanner employs an industrial-quality camera, or a single digital lens reflex camera (Canon or Nikon). The Kirtas Archive Scanner 3.0 (KAS), is the perfect solution for institutions that want to digitize large volumes and a variety of materials. The KAS 3.0 scans everything from individual files, large documents, newspapers, photos, maps, and posters to coins and other flat objects. Its userfriendly and anti-glare touchscreen technology helps the user to quickly select the best application for their needs and get to work scanning. This streamlined process requires no readjustments or repositioning of your document and stores your scanned item intact – a perfect replication.

Other use cases for the Archive Scanner are:

–      Scanning of coins and medals in high resolution with different three-dimensional lighting options

–      Scanning of negatives (Dias and glass plates) up to 6.000 optical dpi

–      Scanning rare and fragile bound documents

The KAS 3.0 Call us to learn how the Kirtas Archive Scanner 3.0 can quickly digitize your Library’s archive collection.

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The Archive Scanner: A Closer Look

Archive Scanner: The First Purpose-Built Digitization Technology in North America for  Archive Collections Digitizing archival collections is a priority for many government organizations, museums, and even corporations in order to preserve sensitive items that can degrade over time, such as manuscripts and photographs. Until now, there has been nothing on the market in North America…