OLA Super Conference 2020 Ristech

OLA’s Annual Super Conference 2020 | Ristech

It’s not much wonder why OLA’s Super Conference is one of our favourite events of the year – filling Toronto’s Convention Centre with passionate discussions that are led by expert librarians, researchers, and policymakers. This year’s conference will challenge attendees to expand their vision of what a library can be, as communities and educational needs…

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Kirtas Kabis I Lite

Kirtas Case Study: The Digital Archive Group

Founded in 2013, The Digital Archive Group (TDAG) is a Chicago based company that specializes in high quality archival scanning services and digitization. For TDAG, image quality is paramount, but so too is flexibility and efficiency. Their formidable array of in-house scanning equipment reflects this however nowhere were these needs more critical than with their…

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Archive Scanner homepage

The Archive Scanner: A Closer Look

Archive Scanner: The First Purpose-Built Digitization Technology in North America for  Archive Collections Digitizing archival collections is a priority for many government organizations, museums, and even corporations in order to preserve sensitive items that can degrade over time, such as manuscripts and photographs. Until now, there has been nothing on the market in North America…

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Depulvera Automatic Book Cleaning Machine - Ristech

The Depulvera automatic book cleaning machine

Depulvera book cleaning system Soot and dust are the most challenging problems libraries have when it comes to keeping their book collections clean. Naturally, dust settles on books, and over time, it absorbs moisture from the environment and causes book deterioration. Libraries have over the years used traditional book cleaning methods, a cloth or vacuum…

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The traditional concept of ‘evolution’ is usually that of a plodding process involving many, many years of slow gradual change and adaptation to a slowly transforming environment. In the mercurial abodes of today’s technological world however, the past is simply a brief prologue to the remarkable and rapid advancements of the present. Ristech Company immediately…

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Confident Digital Conversion – Microfiche

While fiche is a great medium for long term storage of documents and files, retrieving the contained information can be challenging. Beyond the difficult nature of the medium, the three biggest challenges microfiche presents include the condition of the microfiche, how the documents were filmed onto the microfiche, and how the files should be sorted.…

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SupraScan Quartz A0

McGill University: Remarkable Reproduction of a Renaissance Relic

Utilizing i2s’ SupraScan Quartz A0 and its considerable digitization know-how, the Digital Initiatives Lab of McGill University’s McLennan Library have successfully reproduced a true-to-life facsimile of a 15th century antiphonal from the early Italian Renaissance, bringing the unique treasure nearly 600 years into the future to be marveled at and perused by eager, 21st century eyes. Ristech…

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