Scanners for the GLAM Marketplace

Scanners are essential tools in the GLAM marketplace (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums). Ristech offers a complete range of scanning solutions that ensure your valuable collections are preserved, protected and accessible. To learn more about our large format, public-use and archival quality scanners from France and Germany and our industry standard support – Contact us today!

Large Format Scanners

Large format scanners are used extensively in the GLAM industry as many artifacts and documents are simply too big to fit into standard-sized scanners. These sophisticated scanners can handle large objects such as maps, paintings, prints, or posters. They can even scan objects, scrolls, historic papers, old books, and more. Large format scanners from Ristech, used in art conservation and restoration, digital archiving and large format printing can produce high-quality digital output, with resolution up to 600 dpi. Thinking of a new large format scanner? Investigate the amazing scanners from the Book2Net product line (Flash, Cobra, Hornet, Mosquito) or the I2S Suprascan Quartz range!


“We looked for something in-between our flatbed scanners and our huge, expensive large format scanner, and the Book2net spirit fit the bill concerning both features and price.  We also wanted something with minimal power requirements that didn’t require an Ethernet port,” said librarian Jennifer Emmanuel. “We also like how easy it is to use – there is no learning curve and people are amazed at how easy it is to learn.”

 Jennifer Emmanuel, Digital Services and Reference Librarian at the University of Illinois

Public Use Scanners

Students, researchers and the general-public in libraries, museums, galleries and archives also need access to robust, high-quality scanners. Also called walk up scanners or patron use scanners, these scanners must be easy to use and deliver high quality images. Ristech has a selection of walk-up scanners from Book2Net and i2S that can stand up to public use for years to come.


“Ristech has been a valuable service provider to the McGill Library since 2008 and I’m eternally grateful for your commitment to customer service and support.”

McGill University Library

Archive Scanners

Archive scanners are highly specialized scanners used in archives and libraries for digitizing and preserving rare and fragile materials. Archive scanners are designed to capture fine details of documents and images while minimizing any risk of damage. The Archive scanners create high-resolution digital images with high color and fine details. Researchers and patrons can easily access the content and study materials. Ristech recently released an entry level archive scanner that utilizes 100mp camera technology – perfect for digital archiving.

Why Purchase From Ristech?

Ristech partners with only the best manufacturers of GLAM scanners. We have the widest range of high-quality robust scanners that are precision-made in Germany and France. In addition, once you purchase a scanner for your organization you will have industry-leading technical support that is just a phone call or email away. This ensures that if you have a training question or need help troubleshooting an issue, we’ve got your back.